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What's Inside?

Our children's packages entail carefully curated, unique English books that encourage ages 3 to 12 to read in eight meaningful ways ... see below! (The books are screened by parents, teachers, and kids themselves - where many are also recommended by experts in humane education.)

Each package comes with our tips to explore the humane values depicted inside each book, a couple of mindfulness cards to inspire thoughtfulness, and our signature bookmark. You can even choose the book themes you prefer! Plus, your first package includes a fun "Shhh..." door hanger that lets kids show when they're enjoying their book!

Inspiration for mindfulness

Our books are full of inspiration to help children develop their reading skills and shape a more humane world. We curate our books based on 8 themes that cultivate compassion:

  • Well-being
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Activism
  • Environmental Care
  • Peace & Gratitude
  • Animal Welfare
  • Equal Rights
  • Humane Living

A multitude of meaningful books for a thoughtful monthly read! 

Our curated collection of books are for...

Mindfulness cards

Both families and classrooms enjoy receiving our mindfulness cards with every book. Each card offers a thoughtful question, challenge or quote to encourage a greater understanding of oneself and the world around us. 


Our children's book themes cover...


It is often shocking what is taught in children’s books from other generations.  Some say you must never cry, others say how differently girls and boys should behave. Our books show the importance of being able to express a range of feelings and abilities and how to nurture a more positive well-being.

Cultural Diversity

The world is a diverse place. Children need books that reflect their culture in the real world, so they feel they are included in society. They also need windows into the lives of others that live (dramatically) differently to appreciate people outside their immediate community. Our books celebrate this diversity.


Activism can mean marching the streets to promote or protest an issue, bring change, and greater political or social justice, but it can also mean a child standing up to someone who is being unkind and demanding respect they deserve. Our books demonstrate the value in doing something about situations that are not right.

Environmental Care

We love inspiring children to care about the planet. Now more than ever it’s critical to inform them about the impact of pollution on the climate and the environment. Our books encourage both conversation and action to protect nature.

Peace & Gratitude

Teaching children to "play nicely" and say “thank you” only scratches the surface of building patience and gratitude. Learning the importance of serenity and gratefulness is not always easy. Our books demonstrate how people can live more harmoniously with themselves and together.

Animal Welfare

While children are naturally caring, especially towards animals, nurturing this compassion is important. Our books help to explain the complex relationships that we share with the animal kingdom and how we foster healthy ones.

Equal Rights

From stories on education rights to those on gender and racial equality, our books provide tools to raise children who are understanding and compassionate towards all living beings, regardless of our differences.

Humane Living

We believe that raising humane beings starts with children becoming aware of the impact that every day choices have on other people and the planet. Our books promote lifestyle options to do more good and less harm, to live a more humane and sustainable life.

Some favourites for Pre-Schoolers 

(3-5 years old) 


On Peace & Gratitude 

We love: Ruby's Worry 

(Tom Percival) 

A perceptive story to encourage children to talk about what worries them, reflect on their anxious feelings, and address what bothers them in a positive way.


On Humane Living 

We love: No More Bullies 

(Amanda F. Doering, Melissa Higgins, Simone Shin) 

A caring series to help every child navigate the experience of bullying (like pushing, teasing, insults and exclusion) and learn safe strategies to put an end to these issues.


On Animal Welfare

We love: Grandma Bird 

(Benji Davies) 

A tender and heart-warming story about exploring and developing an appreciation for living in harmony with nature as well as our own true nature.


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Some favourites for Early-Readers 

(6-8 years old) 

On Human Rights & Equality 

We love: Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World 

(Kate Pankhurst) 

A book to celebrate extraordinary women, like the suffragettes and their fight for rights. See how they opened doors to make it possible for both men and women to pioneer the future. 


On Cultural Diversity 

We love: the Squishy Taylor book series 

(Ailsa Wild) 

A refreshing book series about an adventurous girl from a mixed race background living in a blended family. By exploring modern families, readers are encouraged to embrace diversity.


On Health & Well-being 

We love: the Little People, Big Dreams series 

(Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara) 

A series that helps kids discover the lives of some of the most inspiring people on earth. Each book explores the incredible things that a child achieved by believing in their dream.


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Some favourites for Keen Thinkers 

(9-11 years old) 

On Activism 

We love: Stand Up, Stand Out! 

(Kay Woodward) 

Full of inspiring stories about rebels who stood up for what they believed in, spoke out against injustice, and overcame impossible obstacles. It offers suggestions on how to take a stand.  


On Environmental Care  

We love: Plastic Sucks 

(Dougie Poynter) 

Plastic is everywhere and it sucks. This book helps kids understand the bigger picture and find ways to cut plastic use to help protect our environment.


On Human Rights & Equality 

We love: First names book series 

(Multiple authors) 

This lively and highly illustrated book series introduces young readers to the biographies of truly amazing women who lived incredible lives to bring greater equality. 


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