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Frequently Asked Questions

To address the questions we get asked most, here are some answers about how our book subscriptions work.

What's the best reason to subscribe? 

Our books will inspire your children with ideas to create a more humane world. We cover a diverse range of themes including: Well-being, Environmental Care, Cultural Diversity and more. Each book is dedicated to creating more compassion in the world. Learn more about our books! 

What's included in a subscription?

Every month Little Humane Books sends you 1 or 2 high-quality children's books + tip sheets to discuss how they teach compassion. You also receive 2-3 engaging conversation cards to inspire interesting discussions (watch here).

And to welcome your child, their first book package includes a fun "do not disturb" door hanger that lets them show you when they're busy reading! You'll also receive a Reading Points card that shows how you earn Points for Rewards (details below!) Plus, every book comes with an eco-friendly bookmark

Interested in subscribing? Get started! And there are these bonuses!

  • A 12 month "Home Delivery" includes a personalized book where your child's name is in a story, or their book is signed by the author! 
  • A 6 or 12 month "School Delivery" also offers your child's class/library a free book, so their school can share even more great books!*

*A school may benefit from free books through their students when it also has an active subscription.

What are Reading Points & Rewards?  

When you subscribe for our books you receive 10 Reading Points each month. After 50 points you can start redeeming them for Reading Rewards! This includes discounts on subscription renewals, a free month of service, and a free book bag. A Reading Points card is sent to you, then monthly emails to notify you when you earn new Points and help you can claim your Rewards. You may also login to your Account at any time to check the balance of your Points and redeem Rewards by applying them to your subscription or shopping cart. Curious about your Reading Points? Login! Ready to start earning Points?  Get started!  

How do I get started?

First, choose what subscription you prefer (you can switch at any time):

  • Our Home Delivered Subscription provides you monthly book packages delivered to your desired home address.
  • Our School Delivered Subscription provides you monthly book packages delivered to your desired school.

Then, select the age-range of books you would like (you can always update this or request a multiple age ranges):

  • Pre-Schoolers (ages 3-5)
  • Early-Readers (for ages 6-8)
  • Keen Thinkers (for ages 9-11)

Also, select the book themes that you prefer. 

Then, choose a monthly subscription plan:

  • A "3 Month" plan provides 3 book packages over a 3-month period, delivered at the start of each month. 
  • A "6 Month" plan provides 6 book packages over a 6-month period, delivered at the start of each month. 
  • A "12 Month" plan provides 12 book packages over a 12-month period, delivered at the start of each month. 

Your subscription is automatically renewed once it comes to an end, unless you pause it or unsubscribe beforehand. You can do either at any time when you login to your account and manage your subscription details. You can also email us for help on any requests. Interested? Get started!

How do school subscriptions work throughout the year? 

Our School Subscriptions operate during the school year (September-June). During the summer break (July and August), we can pause these deliveries and once school re-starts we then continue delivering these book packages there. Or, if you prefer, we can deliver these book packages over the summer holidays to a nearby collection point.

We are also mindful of covid-19 regulations but should you have any questions feel free to email us

Please note: When you choose a School Subscription please specify the teacher's name and class that we should direct your children's books to. You will also see a list of schools/centers that we already deliver to, but if you don't see the one you wish to use, you can provide its name and address in your order. Interested? Get started!

How do Gift Cards work?

Our Gift Cards offer a way to give wonderful books to families, teachers and children. They can be used for any one of our subscription services for up to 6 months and the cards on our website are sent digitally. 

Purchasers control when their recipients receive their Gift Card; they are not automatically sent once ordered, so they can be unveiled when the time is right! A Gift Card receiver email address is only gathered for information purposes. Supplying a gift message is recommended to personalize the Gift Card. 

The purchaser receives an email with information they can use to inform their receiver of the gift. An account is only needed for management purposes. Interested in offering a Gift Card? Get started!

--- To use a Gift Card, simply set up your book subscription from our website with your preferences, and include your Gift Card code on the order page. If you have an existing subscription you may apply the Gift Card to the renewal of that subscription. Gift cards may be used more than once as long as it holds value. There value applies to all order totals, including delivery fees. Get started!

How and when are subscriptions delivered? 

"Home delivered subscriptions" are posted by our delivery partners, Mondial Relay and bPost. The packages are posted around the 5th of every month and sent directly to the address you provide us.  You will receive an email from us and our partners to track their delivery. Please let our partners know where to leave your package if you might be absent! Our partners aim to deliver packages in Belgium within 5 working days, but some delays can be expected due to covid-19. The delivery fee in Belgium is 5 €. For other EU, UK, and international deliveries, packages should arrive in 5 to 15 work days and fees vary. 

NB: If you are absent for the delivery of your package, our delivery partners will leave it at a nearby collection point. If you fail to pick it up as instructed, we will try to ship it once more.

"School delivered subscriptions" are delivered or posted by our team to the school address you provide us. The packages are posted around the 5th of every month. You will receive an email from us to track their delivery. We mainly deliver school subscriptions to Belgian schools. The delivery fee to Belgian schools is 2 €. For other EU, and international deliveries, shipping delays and fees vary.

For all cases, subscriber addresses are only needed for account management purposes. 

Why is an Account needed? 

When you order your first book subscription (or Gift Card) with us, you will be prompted to create to an online Account. An Account allows you to update information related to your order(s), like your contact details, and manage any subscriptions you start. 

An Account also allows you to keep track of and redeem Reading Points or Gift Cards that you receive on new or existing book subscriptions. Have an Account? Login!

How are subscriptions renewed? 

A subscription automatically renews and gets re-billed based on the chosen subscription plan (3, 6, or 12 months). Each subscription plan automatically renews and re-bills every 3, 6 or 12 months respectively, specifically on the 11th day of the final month. Your credit/debit card will automatically be charged the subscription fee unless you skip a renewal period or cancel your subscription. You may login to your account to manage these settings anytime or email us for help. Have an Account? Login!

How can I learn more?

We send quarterly newsletters + sporadic tips about our books & special offers. Sign up for news!  

What special offers do you have? 

Every quarter, we like to celebrate new books in our library with a contest you don't want to miss! 😁 We give away fun GIFT CARDS for Little Humane Books and your child can easily become the lucky winner! It's a great way to get started on a meaningful book subscription that develops reading skills and compassion. The books can also be delivered at home or at school, so go for it, enter now!  For a chance to WIN a Little Humane Books GIFT CARD giveaway: follow us on Facebook or Instagram, leave us a comment & tag 3 friends. The winners will be notified each quarter and sent their Gift Card by email. See what they're like!

Not long ago we also hosted a Speaker Series on Humane Parenting to offer inspiration and practical advice for raising children as mindful leaders. Replays + giveaways still available! Visit: EmbracingHumaneParenting.com 

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