Our Purpose

Little Humane Books supports families and schools with unique English books for their children (3 to 11 years old) that build both a greater love of reading and more compassion in the world. 

We provide a monthly delivery service (aka subscription) that offers kids a whole variety of stories that they love to read and inspire them to create a more sustainable, just, humane world. 

We strive to...

1. Stimulate children’s love of reading

2. Provide meaningful English books

3. Offer stories that transmit ethical values

Curating & delivering meaningful children's books

In every monthly package, your children receive an age-appropriate English book that encourages them to read in meaningful ways and shape a strong moral compass. 

Unlock a child's full potential as a little humane being & have a feel-good time with Little Humane Books! 

Mum behind the project

Being curious about books that help parents inspire kids to love reading - and build a more compassionate world - I was surprised how buried these resources seemed to be, but also how plentiful! 

As a busy "expat" mum living in Belgium with 2 young kids, as much as I love my library and book shop visits, I wanted even easier access to books that cover topics like equality, eco-activism, and humane living. I learnt many other parents feel the same way, teachers too. 

Every day I see an even bigger reason to expose the type of books and educators that give parents the resources to show little ones what we need to do today to enjoy every single tomorrow. 

This and a Belgo-Canadian background in non-profit communications, a Masters in environmental decision-making, and small business savoir-faire is what motivated the launch of Little Humane Books - to inspire a new generation of compassionate readers! 

Reading books with our kids is now more enjoyable than ever! If you're a like-minded parent, family relative, friend, children's caregiver or educator, and you believe in the magic of books then join in the fun! 

- Christina Reinards, Creator of Little Humane Books


We recently hosted an online event on Humane Parenting to offer inspiration, knowledge, and practical advice on how we can raise children as mindful humane leaders! Our panel of 10+ humane education experts & children's book authors gave wonderful and insightful talks. Watch the replays at: EmbracingHumaneParenting.com

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Full story

Read how Little Humane Books came to be in an interview between the Belgium-based Canadian mom-preneur and the founder of thevillage - a great resource helping young international families raise thriving kids. Read our Story!

Your input

We are always looking for input from parents and schools on the on the specific needs and priorities you have regarding your children's education. Feel welcome to contact us anytime.

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