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Little Humane Books offers multiple types of children's book subscriptions. From convenient Home Subscriptions to streamlined School Subscriptions and thoughtful Gift Subscriptions or Gift Cards, choose a plan that suits you! 

What's inside?

Little Humane Books provides families and schools with carefully curated monthly packages of children's books based on 8 themes that cultivate humane values.

Each package comes with a book synopsis to encourage conversation about the themes it discusses, a children's activity sheet to discuss ways to create a more humane word and a bookmark (of course). Plus the first package comes with a fun "do not disturb" door hanger that lets kids announce when they are reading their new book!

Our books are screened by parents, teachers, plus kids as well, and are often recommended by experts in humane education. 

Discover the book themes & current  favourites in our library!


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Little Humane Books is all about stories that inspire a more humane world. 

Every day we see an even bigger reason to expose the type of books and educators that give parents the resources to show kids what we need to do today to enjoy every single tomorrow.