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Types of School Subscription Plans

We offer a 3, 6 and 12-month service for school-delivered book subscriptions. Select the plan you prefer:

3 Month Prepay

€24.95/mo. +delivery ___________________________________ Includes: 3 book packages!

6 Month Prepay

€22.95/mo. +delivery ___________________________________ Includes: 6 book packages + Bonus book for the school!*

12 Month Prepay

€21.70/mo. +delivery ___________________________________ Includes: 10 school-year packages + 2 for the summer!


12 month "Home Subscriptions" include a deck of postcards to personalize & send to friends!

6 month "School Subscriptions" provide your child's class with a free book!*

(*Schools may benefit from this bonus when they have an active subscription.)