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A Winning Combination

Offering a child Little Humane Books through Story Time or a Gift Card means you'll help them build more compassion in the world. Wow!

Selection / Storytelling workshops

Storytelling workshops


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Here's an excellent w-e activity! Little Humane Books is giving delightful storytelling workshops inspired by its brilliant children’s books, so join us! Kids are invited –with or without parents– to enjoy a creative afternoon listening to a set of unique stories, discussing what they teach us about our well-being & making crafts inspired by each story! When? 2-4pm on Saturdays or Sundays (for ages 3-8) Where? Culture Kids (624 Chaussée de Bruxelles, 3090 Overijse) Cost? 20€ per child for a 2 hour workshop... parents free. 😉 How? Sign up here or inquire by email for extra details!

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Ready to use a Gift Card?

All it takes to use your Gift Card is a visit to our "Get Started" page to choose your preferences for your Little Humane Books subscription and to input the Gift Card code in the Checkout page. For help, please let us know!