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Selection / Set of "Female Biographies" on Humane Living, Equality & Activism

Set of "Female Biographies" on Humane Living, Equality & Activism


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In this 3-book gift set, keen readers (ages 9-11) discover the lives of Emmeline Pankhurst, Amelia Earhart, and Mala Yousafzai - 3 truly amazing women who brought greater equality to the world. Readers will learn how... 1) EMMELINE confronted a tough battle to win the vote for British women and inspired others around the world to do the same. 2) AMELIA was a world-famous daredevil pilot and the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean making her an all-time legend. And 3) MALALA worked to give equal rights to both girls and boys to have education in Pakistan and received worldwide media coverage she now uses to continue her activism around women’s rights.

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