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A Winning Combination

Offering a child Little Humane Books through Story Time or a Gift Card means you'll help them build more compassion in the world. Wow!

Selection / Thoughtful Gift Card

Thoughtful Gift Card

€15.00 - €100.00

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This digital Gift Card enables its recipient to apply its value to any Little Humane Books subscription for up to 6 months. It offers kids, families (and schools!) to receive a monthly delivery of our carefully curated books that encourage kids to read in meaningful ways and learn more about humane values. Choose the value and quantity of Gift Cards you wish to offer, then, in the Checkout page you can add a personal note next to "This is a gift". The Gift Card will be emailed to the purchaser, to be offered to the recipient when you wish. Your recipient's email is requested only to help manage their subscription.

Sharing is caring ;)

Ready to use a Gift Card?

All it takes to use your Gift Card is a visit to our "Get Started" page to choose your preferences for your Little Humane Books subscription and to input the Gift Card code in the Checkout page. For help, please let us know!